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Outermost is a small space to pull together a mix of art and objects that reflects the colors and textures, feel and spirit of the Outer Cape. Out here we seek out the nature-inspired and the hand-worked – we value the time-tested and the weather-worn. Here we embody that unique mix of historic and modernist sensibilities. Inspired by this, we have gathered artists and makers that deeply work their mediums, show the complexities of process, and reach bold, calming, modern shapes. We are located in the historic East End of Provincetown, MA.


Chris Nagle's interest in design - from art and architecture to products and furniture - was developed as a child. His father was an art teacher, painter, sculptor and skilled carpenter. Chris grew up in a space that was forever changing - watching (and helping) his father was a way of life. He developed a particular love for architecture - a fascination with how it both integrates and frames nature - how it functions as both shelter and sanctuary, with both efficiency and spirit. Both of his parents from coastal Connecticut shared an impressively deep love of the ocean and moved to the Cape in the 1980s, and Chris has considered this land and seascape home ever since, even when living elsewhere.