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Outermost Home features the inspired paintings of six artists, each of whom bring diverse inspiration and experiences to their work, using texture, light, and a variety of surfaces to capture the ephemeral - the feeling of being in nature. 

Rose Umerlik’s luminous paintings are highly personal. Each work reveals shapes, lines and bodies of color that become symbols of her personal history. She sees her work as a metaphor for the universality of what it is to be human: we are all complicated, thinking, feeling and profoundly connected in a beautiful way that celebrates human consciousness. Prices range from $2,900-$4,800.

Lynea Nagle grew up in an artistic family and credits her father as an inspiration, having grown up with his paintings and sculpture. Self-taught, she came to her own creative process later in life  Her poetic work expresses her love of color, texture and light and the constantly inspiring landscape of Cape Cod. Priced from $700-$1,900.

Paul Walcott’s powerful paintings reflect the artist’s highly intuitive creative process which allows his pure expression to flow unhindered. Nature is a primary inspiration - the reflection of light upon water, or filtered through a forest canopy. But rather than portraying specific scenes, his  bold gestures and confident brushwork capture the feeling of being in a particular space on an emotional and sensory level. Priced at $1,800. 

Lorraine DeProspo is a sculptor and painter living in Provincetown. As a painter, she is inspired by sea and sky, and particularly captivated by fog. Using pallet knives and scratching tools, she deploys oil paint mixed with cold wax to achieve her signature ethereal, moody style. Her seascapes present a visual interpretation of the essence of time spent at the water’s edge. Priced from $1,600-$3,800.

Olivier Solanet is a painter and photographer who began his creative journey pursuing formal studies in classical music and art history. Music is a lifelong influence on Olivier and his work is a visual expression of the dynamics, rhythm, and harmonies found in jazz and classical music. For Olivier art emotes and color is a language expressed in the bold strokes of his palate knife. Paintings priced from $1,200-$1,850.

In her lyrical, lushly painted landscapes, MJ Blanchette’s true object is to reveal the elusive boundary between the figurative and the abstract. Primarily informed by the observation of nature, she is an avid naturalist with a keen appreciation for wildlife, natural habitat, and open spaces. Her work often reflects the ever-changing character of the coastal enclave from which she draws inspiration daily.​ Priced from $1,200-$2,200.